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  • Hanoi & Halong Bay 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    Well it was our 30th wedding anniversary on October 24th and we wanted to do something special. So Learne booked us a trip up to Hanoi, which is Vietnam’s capital city and sits at the Northern end of the country. From Hanoi, it is a fairly easy trip out to... Read more →

  • The Hong Kong Visa Run – June 2017

    What a great trip to this amazing city!  As usual, finer details are below for friends looking at doing this trip from Da Nang. I’ve never been to Hong Kong before, but Jim visited 34 years ago with one of his RAAF mates, Flan.   I was absolutely gob-smacked by... Read more →

  • Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary – UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Jim, Andrew and I decided to organise a trip to Mỹ Sơn (beautiful mountain in Vietnamese) Sanctuary.  The sanctuary is in a valley surrounded by mountains and was listed as a World Heritage site in 1999. It takes about 1 hour from where we are in Da Nang (finer details regarding... Read more →

  • Visa Run to Lao Bao Border (Laos) – 13 Dec 2016

    Well, it was visa run time again and this time we decided on doing a quicky to Laos and also use it as an opportunity to view the countryside.  While it wasn’t an unpleasant trip – it’s unlikely we’ll be doing this one again. I thought we were meant to stop... Read more →

  • Our time in Viet Nam, so far…

    Well we’ve been here for 7 months now, so it’s time to share what we love about Da Nang The area To us the area is perfect – it is like a blend of the Gold Coast on one side with a beautiful, long stretching sandy beach and Brisbane on... Read more →

  • Lazy Lazy Lazy – Time for a quick catch up!

    Oh wow – 4 months since our last post! In that time, we’ve been back to Australia, helped Lochie find a place to live, caught up with Rory, our eldest, met his girlfriend, moved apartments – twice and, Jim has published another book …. so here’s the 4 month catch up... Read more →

  • Marble Mountains (Ngũ Hành Sơn – Five Elements Mountains)

    Ahhh!  I actually thought I’d posted this one – it was from July.  I only discovered this now when going to upload the next post. Oh well, this is a quicky on our trip to Marble Mountains and another post will probably follow tomorrow, which is a catch up of... Read more →

  • Siem Reap – Angkor Wat Visa Run

    After three months in Vietnam it was time for us to leave the country in order to obtain another visa. This is normally called a ‘visa run’ for all of us expats living short term in foreign countries. We’re enjoying Vietnam and probably haven’t really done that much since we’ve... Read more →

  • Bodhisattva of Mercy

    This is just a short post on our recent tourist activity.  I’m going to update the blog more regularly now, rather than post a stack of photos etc on Facebook.  This way we’ll be able to find information easier if we want to refer back to our travels and also... Read more →

  • Our first week in Da Nang

    Well, it was a long, long day travelling from sleepy Hua Hin, Thailand to Da Nang, Vietnam. The Vietjet experience We set off at 7.30am to catch the comfy bus to Bangkok airport and arrived at our Da Nang accommodation at midnight with a couple of 3 hour + stops... Read more →

  • Farewell Thailand

    We moved to Vietnam on the 25th March 2016, leaving Thailand after 1 year, 1 month and 20 days. Time seems to have flown by as it only seems like yesterday we were selling everything up in Oz and preparing to leave there.  It is amazing how much stuff we... Read more →

  • Christmas & New Year in Thailand

    As anticipated, Christmas was just not the same without all of the family around.  It was still okay, but really like any other day here.  We could have gone out for a traditional dinner but just like New Year celebrations, they hike up the prices to around A$200 a head... Read more →

  • Trip back to Australia

    I guess we had to go back and visit friends and family eventually so a trip home to Oz was planned to coincide with our youngest son Lochlan’s 21st birthday.   Even though he didn’t want a party, we still wanted to be there for it as he indicated that... Read more →

  • Koh Samui to see Rory & celebrate our anniversary

    On the 23rd October we headed back to Koh Samui to visit our oldest son Rory and his good mate Dylan who we know very well, as they have been close mates for a quite a few years now.  They were both holidaying in Thailand and had just arrived on... Read more →

  • Learne’s 50th and a Hua Hin Sunday Tour

    I know, I know, it was always the plan to do Vegas for my 50th and sing Xanadu with Livvy up on the big stage, but the Thailand visa-minefield and returning to Australia in November has not been agreeable to head there for the big day. Mark my words though – I will... Read more →