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about us

My name is James but I prefer  Jim.  My Mum calls me Jimmy, as do some of my mates.  Happy with any of them as I’ve been called worse.  I have been married to the beautiful Lee since way back in 1987.  We met when were both serving in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) together and have been an item ever since.  We have brought two wonderful boys into the world and they have both grown into great young men.  We are proud of them both and excited for what life now brings them.


Since we have been married we both left the RAAF, lived in the Northern Territory for about 10 years, as I had joined the NT Police, and dragged the family around to several different postings within the NT.  Mainly Darwin, Katherine and Groote Eylandt.  Living on Groote was our first experience of living on an island.  Google it if you don’t know where it is, but I can assure you it is small, hot and isolated.  Good times there though.

We moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland to be closer to family as both Lee’s and my family all live in this area.  It was hard leaving the laidback lifestyle of the NT but it was a move we had to make.  Most of our efforts since then have been making sure the boys got through school and enjoyed a variety of sports, where we were basically stuck in the grind like everyone else.  I was with the Queensland Police for about 8 years but pretty well burnt out and had to move on.  In the meantime Learne has had very stable employment in a variety of administrative positions.

We have both had itchy feet for a while now and in the last few years we have planned holidays around looking for potential places to move to longer term.  This has included Vanuatu, Bali, Phuket, Thailand.  All of which we thoroughly enjoyed for various reasons.  Now we have taken it to the next level and actually took the plunge and we are living overseas for an extended period.  The kids are grown up and can fend for themselves and we are young and fit enough to take a few risks and experience something new.  Enjoying life to the fullest!

Jim & Learne in Singapore

Jim & Lee in Singapore