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Bodhisattva of Mercy

This is just a short post on our recent tourist activity.  I’m going to update the blog more regularly now, rather than post a stack of photos etc on Facebook.  This way we’ll be able to find information easier if we want to refer back to our travels and also it will be a shorter read for anyone who is following us.  So, onto the blog.

We used the same driver contact no. as we did to go to Hoi An as we’re trying to build up a rapport with one person to take us on trips here and there.  His name is Loc, but in the end his nephew Duc took us there.  The first price we were given was  300k VND and as it was only 400k VND to Hoi An which was twice the distance, I did question the price.  In the end, he came down to 180k VND (about $12 AUD) without too much of an effort on my part  for a 20-minute return trip and wait while we were there.

Along the way there were rows of fishing boats and it reminded me a little of Hua Hin’s boats when they’re moored.

The Bodhisattva of Mercy, also known as Lady Buddha is rated as the #1 site to see in Da Nang, so it was first on our list of sites to see. It is located on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang and we can actually see it from our bedroom when it isn’t too hazy and it’s lit up beautifully of an evening.  There is no entrance fee, however donations are welcome. Lady Buddha is a 67 meter statue – 17 meters in diameter with 17 floors. Unfortunately, we only learned of the 17 floors after visiting – we did go inside but didn’t notice any stairs. Apparently each floor worships a different Buddha. No doubt we’ll go there again in the future when visitors start pouring in, so we will look out for the stairs next time. On the 17th floor there’s apparently a flight of stairs leading up to Lady Buddha’s head.  Given how high the statue is, I expect the quads would be burning by the time you reached the top!

What did we think?  It is possibly one of the most beautiful temples we have ever visited.  The grounds were absolutely spectacular to say the least.  There were magnificent huge bonsai trees, several pagodas and marble statues spread throughout as well as a great view back to Da Nang’s coast.  It was well worth the visit.

Next stop – Marble Mountain.


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