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Koh Samui to see Rory & celebrate our anniversary

On the 23rd October we headed back to Koh Samui to visit our oldest son Rory and his good mate Dylan who we know very well, as they have been close mates for a quite a few years now.  They were both holidaying in Thailand and had just arrived on Koh Samui from Phuket, with the intention of hitting the infamous monthly Full Moon Party on the neighboring island of Koh Phangan.  As their holiday time was limited, it was much easier for us to head there instead of them trying to fit in a visit to Hua Hin.  We only went down for three nights so it wasn’t a huge trip.

We travelled the same way again by catching the bus down to Champon which was about an hour late due to multiple roadworks.  Then we jumped straight on a Fast cat ferry which was empty as they had already transported other passengers from other busses due to our lateness.   They only had one cold beer on this ferry before they ran out and I got it!  Nothing to do with the Muslim Barmaid?  This whole service is through a company called Lomprayah who do an excellent job (except for no cold beer).  They even arrange transport on the island to your hotel for a reasonable price.  It is a long day as the bus ride is about 4hrs, as is the ferry ride.

We booked into the OP Bungalows resort on the beach in Chaweng.  We had been to their restaurant on our first trip and really enjoyed the food, location and service, so we decided to stay there this time, and it is a central location.  You can’t book on their website, but you can email them to make a booking and pay when you get there.

We met the boys at one of other favourite beach bars called Your Place, which is a cool reggae bar right on the water’s edge.  They were about an hour late as they couldn’t understand simple instructions, but they eventually turned up after visiting every reggae bar in Chaweng.  They had both been to Phuket prior to Koh Samui and had some tales from there.  I’m pretty sure I gave Rory some advice on dealing with Russians but he obviously didn’t listen as he had a run in with a few of them in Phuket.  He can tell the story another day as I don’t want to embarrass the kid on our blog.  Needless to say he survived.

It was a actually our 28th wedding anniversary the 2nd day there and we planned on going out for a special dinner but that didn’t really pan out as we ended up just having dinner at our resort, but then we met a nice Malaysian couple so we kicked on a bit with a few after dinner drinks.  It was the first time I have had to put on long sleeves sitting outside as it was just a little chilly sitting on the beach.  Must have been as low as 22 degrees.  It was a good night though as there is nothing like sitting on a beach enjoying good food,  good company and a few drinks to embellish the stories.

The boys had a couple of big nights which we didn’t fully participate in.  We all hit a Shisha (Hookah) bar and sampled the different flavours.  I didn’t partake but it was really cool and not that expensive, and it was a good night with the boys kicking on after we left.

There wasn’t any real tourist activity as we had basically seen the whole island and all the major sites on our last visit a few months earlier.  We were mainly there to catch up with Rory and Dylan.  It was great to catch up with them both as that is one of the disadvantages of living overseas, as you just don’t see with family and friends enough.

The trip back home was  long as usual and the sea was a bit rough due to storms.  Not too many beers consumed on that trip.  The bus ride also does a half way stop for about 45 mins at what we would consider a Truck Stop back home, but some of the Thai food they sell there is pretty good and there is a huge selection to choose from.  We can never get enough Thai food!

In all, it was a great trip and worked out well catching up with the boys there.  This is probably our last trip to Koh Samui for a while unless we’re going to meet other friends or family there as there are plenty of other places to visit in Thailand.


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