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Lazy Lazy Lazy – Time for a quick catch up!

Oh wow – 4 months since our last post! In that time, we’ve been back to Australia, helped Lochie find a place to live, caught up with Rory, our eldest, met his girlfriend, moved apartments – twice and, Jim has published another book …. so here’s the 4 month catch up and I will try not to make it too lengthy:

Firstly, the new book

I’m a pushy publisher haha!  No not really, but when Jim tells me he’s working on fine tuning a system, I tell him to put it in writing so I can publish another book.  Well, he did and this little baby is taking off!

If you’re interested, it can be found on Amazon via the book link below, and can be read on a Kindle or via a (free) Kindle APP which is downloadable in the Google Play Store, iTunes, etc..


Love it when a plan comes together and as Jim offers his time and support in his Facebook Page and via his YouTube Channel, the eBook price is $9.99 USD (although if family or friends want it – just drop us a line).

Back to Australia

Well, before I get onto heading back to Australia, I wanted to share that Jim had a great catch up with two friends from RAAF days who happened to be visiting Da Nang at the same time – Corky and Ando.  These boys go way back.  So that’s 3 RAAFy visits, as Hammer was here a couple of months back too.

Oh what a long haul back to Australia via Air Asia.  We are not likely to use them again on the big trips.  Flights delayed, squashy and uncomfortable seats and food not that great either.  By the time you add on extra expenses for luggage blah, blah, blah – I doubt they are that much cheaper.  Lochlan is traumatized and not likely to ever take another plane trip over 2 hours again.  But it was great to be get back, after 9 months I was really feeling homesick.  As we flew straight into Gold Coast from Da Nang, our first stop was to see Jim’s mum and dad, and then we headed up to my mum’s place to crash.  It was nice to have the family around for my birthday and Rory and Emma flew down from Cairns and it was so great to see them.  We mainly focused on catching up with the fam this trip as Jim was only going to be there for 9 days.  I remained for the month as I wanted to spend time with mum and my gorgeous sister, Simone, and Maddison made a special trip up from Wodonga for a few days.  Felt spesh!  Thanks guys.  I managed to see a few friends but not as many as I would have liked to – next time!  And, next time I think I will have to take mum with us wherever we visit because she always reminds me to take photos – there aren’t any with Jim’s family 🙁

After a stock up of essentials (Vegemite and some spices), and the purchase of an inflatable SUP, it was time to head back to Da Nang!

As usual, I want to acknowledge mum, who encourages us to follow our dreams, minds our “shit” back in Oz, receives our mail and generally looks after us from a distance – thank you beautiful lady – we love you!  

Also a massive thanks to Shoana and Steve for taking in our Lexy (aka Granny) and Simone, Chris and kid-lings for adopting our Honey Bunny.  Knowing the girls are in the best of hands gives us so much peace of mind.  Thank you Knights and Markhams from the bottom of our hearts.

We’ve moved apartments – again!

With Lochlan heading back to Australia to stay in September, we no longer required the 2 bedroom apartment, so I was keeping an eye out for a 1 bedroom and hoping for something more modern with a Smart TV (Netflix addict). We befriended a restaurateur after eating at his restaurant a few times. He happened to have a 4 bedroom apartment available over his restaurant and when I advised him we only required 1 bedroom, he said no worries, he’d section it off. Sounded great @ $700 AUD a month which included electricity, water, cleaning and washing.

When something seems too good to be true…..

Not long after paying our deposit to secure the apartment things seemed, well, strange. eg. We noticed the restaurant was closed for a while and when I queried this, he said the kitchen was being renovated and when I queried further down the track, he said he was after a new cook. So then it was time to move in, a few days before we were due to leave for Australia. When I inspected the apartment before moving in, I discovered a 3/4 flimsy wall had been built to section off our 1 bedroom part of the apartment – not only was this a privacy issue, but also a security issue. And to make matters worse, the door that he had installed to our section of the apartment was a simple latch – on the inside!  So naturally I ask for a better lock to be installed, not only for safety but also so Jim and I could go separate ways and arrive home at different times.  Get this – he started to arranged for a PADLOCK to be installed, on the outside of the door….. Face-palm! No! No! No!  Anyway to cut a long story short, he had a lockable lock installed at the bottom of the door, which was still flimsy but could still be locked from either side.

And then…..

Poof – he has disappeared!  And from what we were advised, along with our 1 month bond.  As well, the real owners wanted us out 2 weeks early.   Well I was nearly ready to accept that we had messed up by sub-leasing, and then one evening a bottle of Chile Red Wine set in (actually it might have been 1 1/2 bottles).  Jim happened to be out with the boys and I just lost-my-shit on the expats page – using any angle I could to get our $700 bond back, particularly as I had evidence of all payments going through a popular restaurant’s credit card system.  In the end, an American expat and his Vietnamese wife came to our rescue, and negotiated our bond back.   So we lost 2 weeks rent, but I was so glad to be out of there, I was willing to let that slide.  Oh and it was just great receiving emails and texts messages warning me out of Da Nang too!

So, I won’t be putting a view from our apartment on this blog, as I’m still keeping a low profile for a while.  But it is much better here – good security, more modern, great view.  I hope this is the very last move in Da Nang as we’ve had four since March.




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