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Real Estate Agent Now Involved

Now I know we are serious as today we had a Real Estate agent attend our house just to get an idea where the market is.  This was the same guy that sold our last last house a few years back and as we were exceptionally pleased with his service then, we decided to contact him first up.  Not quite his area, but close enough that he knows the market.

He did give me a ballpark figure on what he would expect the house to sell for, and he also gave me a good idea of where the current overall market is at.  A little disappointing on both counts, but nothing too bad.  He was of the opinion that he expects the market to pick up slightly in the next couple of months, which suits us fine.  He did state that there wasn’t much product currently on the market, so you would think it is a seller’s market, but there aren’t that many buyers around either.  Everyone just seems to be sitting tight for now and only selling up if they really have to.

He also suggested a few minor maintenance issues around the house we should attend to before putting it on the market.  Stuff I was looking at doing anyway, but he just confirmed it and he also has a reputable Handyman on his books that he could recommend.  One thing we do have is an outdoor spa.  Technically it is considered portable, but like hell it is!  It is well and truly permanent with a thatched roof above it.  This creates its own problems as it probably doesn’t quite comply with the ‘over the top’ Council regulations, even though a small kid couldn’t get into it if they wanted to due to the heavy cover, height of the spa and removable steps.  But rules is rules so unless we spend a substantial amount on fencing etc, then it really doesn’t come into the equation contract wise from a legal standpoint.  But I guarantee you it will be a selling point when potential buyers see it all lit up at night with the party lights, fountains and TV going.  Also a 5KW solar system is also an added bonus.

So things are definitely happening, slowly but surely.  Now we can just hope that No.2 son finds a job soon….

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